Width of a Chandler and Price 10x15 NS

Hello, just wondering if anyone could tell me the width of one of these after the wheel etc is removed?

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Justin Miller (BoundStaffPress) has a lovely old C&P manual on his site with this information (for various stages of disassembly of the press):


(The actual manual is hosted via Google Docs, which requires a sign-up, if I recall.)

David M.

Thank you David, I did see that post when searching for the info - it is for the craftsman series - great info though. I am going to assume that there is not a massive difference in the two size wise. It says partially stripped at 31.5 inches and fully stripped at 21.5 I have seen a few notes here and there pertaining to not taking the press apart, anyone want to throw their 2 cents in on this? at 21.5 I can get it in my basement, if not I have to build a small print shop outside.. a few hours work verse a new outbuilding. Just want to weigh the pros and cons

What’s the size of your doorway? You might be able to fit it sideways by taking off the feed table and name plate and dropping the roller arms.

it is 36 inches, I never thought of that, I will take a look