Living in Europe -where to find equipment?

I am an American living in Europe. I would really love to buy a small press so that I am able to make my own stationery for personal use (you would laugh at what you see here in Germany!)

I have not been able to find letterpress equipment in Germany, the home of printing. Does anyone have any additional recommendations both in kind of small press to search for, and where to look. I could purchase something in the states (sent to my parents house) and bring it back… I just figured I would cut out the extra hauling if possible.

Also if anyone is aware of schools in Europe specializing in Book Arts it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your help!

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Try this web site in Germany, this chap often has many letterpress items for sale.

Have you tried the Alembic Press web site? It has many links for things that are happening in the UK.

Try the London College of Printing, at the Elephant & Castle, its courses cover most aspects of Book Arts, full and part-time.

Wow! Thank you for these great resources - I will definitely be looking into them!


Hi Raschema,

I am from Germany as well and trying to set up a small letterpress right now. I bought it from ebay as most of the other stuff I got. The rollers had to be send from the UK though as it is not possible to get them here…
I bought an Adana 8x5 press but I can’t tell you a lot about it and if I like the results as I haven’t printed with it yet. Now that the rollers have finally arrived from the UK I noticed that there are such things as roller runners that I need too. So I either have to order them from the UK which takes another one to two weeks or make some on my own…
It’s really a pain to get parts and supplies here in Germany.

Where do you live?
I’d love to hear from you again,

You might try one of the Printing Trade Schools for a night class. I know there is one in Stutgart
and expect they are also in other major cities.
Grant H.

Very good but somehow forgotten discussion.

I am trying to find all letterpress equipment somewere not very far away from Lithuania.

Maybe someone can recommend any inks, cotton paper, envelopes and all other useful stuff e-shops (not in UK)?

Thanks in advance

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Both useful and helpful people, sending stuff to Lithuania will be cheaper then sending it from the UK or the States. And you will be working with the Continental (Didot) point system.