4 Miehle Vertical Letterpress and die cutters for sale

I recently acquired 2 Miehle Vertical Letterpress machines and 2 die cutters, the 2 letter presses are in good working condition, and were in use in a printing operation within the last couple months.

I was not able to test the die cutters, so I don’t know the condition of them. They look complete as far as I can tell, but I am no expert.

I’m looking to get $600 obo per for the letterpress machines, and $500 obo per for the die cutters because they are untested. They are located in Andover MN, and I have a forklift to load them onto your vehicle.
I can also strap them to a pallet if you would like to set up shipping for them.

The first 4 pictures are of the working machines, and the last two are the untested ones. I can email pictures upon request.

Contact info:

Corbin Miller
[email protected]m

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image: 18.jpg


image: 18C.jpg


image: 19.jpg


image: 19B.jpg


image: 53.jpg


image: 53C.jpg