Briar Press auction, type cabinet and type (ended Feb 12)

Briar Press is currently holding an auction on eBay for a type cabinet and 6 cases of classic type faces that might be of interest to fine press printers. Two of the faces are Poliphilus-Roman and Blado-Italic. The others are a Caslon Old Style and Cochin Light.

{link:,View the auction on eBay.} For those who have already inquired, the type and cabinet must be sold together. As seen in the photo, the cases are marked 10, 12, and 16, but the owner is unable to provide further information as to what type is in what case. From time to time Briar Press hosts auctions of interest from individuals who are retiring, or from estates. These auctions are a free service of Briar Press, to keep this equipment in the hands of those who will use/preserve it. The auction started at $9.99, no reserve, for the type and case which must be picked up near Denver, Colorado.

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image: cabinet.jpg