Need a letterpress teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio

Hi, I just bought a heidelberg windmill. I need someone to teach me how to use it. I will pay you about $50 for about 4 hours or work once a week. Thanks

Text 5132912993. Must live in or around Cincinnati, Ohio usa

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root around
call local job shops
call the union local
ask about retired pressmen
that may be interested in helping you

there has to be a dozen
retired pressmen in Cincinnati
that would be able to help you

Thank you i will do that

Hello… I teach the Windmill. I charge $150.00 up front then $25.00 per hour after.
I am from Ohio. You could come to my press, just be $25.00 per hour.
But your press, could be looked at for issues also.

Try Ron Roy Diesslin at 513-271-8387. Have no idea if he was Heidelberg guy or not - or even if he would be at all interested.