kelsey excelsior 5x8 -platen screws and spring

Read D. Black’s booklet on the press and it mentions locking nuts behind the screws. My press does not have any (right?) should I or will it be AOK? I understand things might wiggle and shoft but if I am okay with readjusting, is that all I need to be concerned with?
Q Number 2
I believe I read that that middle spring thing (see photo) could be moved. Curious because I have no impression in the center and i have adjusted the screws. Looks like a pin but something tells me I should be able to twist it so the spring pushes the platen. Before I start taking a tool to the back of the press, can you tell me if it twists?

image: screw.JPG


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No, the spring doesn’t adjust. The screws are for leveling and since the factory installed jam nuts - it is probably a good idea to have them. You can find replacements at your local hardware store. Take along one of the adjusting screws so you can match the thread. I usually replace them with a “jam” nut, they are slightly thinner than a regular nut.

Will do, Thank you!!