I need help, feedback, assembling antique etching press

I recently purchased an unassembled etching press labeled “Thos.S.Bates, Boston, Mass, patented 1873, reissued 1874. The large frame parts are easy. I am not sure about the order of the smaller adjusting parts. Any feedback is appreciated: email, books, diagrams, internet sites, anything. There does not seem to be much on the net in the way of etching presses. The press was purchased from a school in Philadelphia and they told me Thomas Bates lived in Boston at 228 Washington h. at Chelsea. The Boston City directory lists his occupation as plate printer. Any suggestions how I can research this man and his work? Also there is a crack in the frame . I have been told cast iron has to be heated in an oven then welded which is so expensive most people don’t bother with it. However, I found an old retired welder who stated he welded cast iron with stainless steel rods and it did not explode (cast iron can have air pockets that pop when welded and it messes up the weld). Any ideas on this before I try something that might mess up? Thank you very much. Kip

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