Cleveland area rigger/help?

I brought this up before so sorry for the repetition, but figured I’d try again. I may be moving some equipment from Cleveland to New York. A C&P 8x12 for starters. I’m wondering about riggers who might be able to handle the move. Or alternately, if I’m able to do it with a uhaul trailer, riggers or experienced folk in the Cleveland area who could assist with the loading (not for free). Any thoughts?

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have moved dozens of small offset presses
a few paper cutters and more than one
process camera

and one 8X12 C&Ps mostly by myself
if on main floor or in a garage
its easy

basement takes two guys
and you need to break it down
see internet for info on how to do it

just plan out each step before hand

there are a few sites on the net
that show how to move a press

take some tools
its easier if you can break it down a bit
last move pulled off the ink disk
pulled the drive wheel and crank shaft
with fly wheel
removed the motor
it now weighed a easy 200 lbs lighter

some steel water pipe for rollers
a hydraulic jack and a come along

use a trailer with ramp
jack up front of press put one roller under
jack up back of press put one roller under

roll press will need at least three rollers
four or five it better

if its a smooth floor its easy

always watch where you fingers and toes are

at ramp end of trailer
use a larger pipe roller
at edge of ramp
hook come along to front of trailer
and to press near bottom
( not at top )
put some strain on the come along
put the jack under press
near front
crank it a bit
press will move a bit on to the larger roller
put a bit more on the come along
remove jack
crank press up ramp on to trailer
tie down press so it will not tip over or move

sorry if this seems disjointed
its late
but you can move a 8X12 C&P its not hard
root around the internet
there are some youtube posting on moving

yours truly

Thanks for the response. I’ve read most of that and seen the videos, though it’s nice to have it put together this way.

While moving it myself is still an option, the reason for this post is to find people in the Cleveland area. I may not have some of these options, and it may involve a lot more and larger equipment, so I’m looking for some local expertise, or perhaps a full-service rigger.

the last few machines i had moved i used a car towing co., i had a 10x15 c&p moved about 10 years ago, it cost me $600, about 5 years ago i had one moved about the same distance by a tow truck, he charged me $50. With riggers you can just about be sure things will go well, but you pay for it. If you decide to move the c&p yourself make sure you close the press and tie it shut, this brings the weight more to the center and makes it a little less tippy.

Dick is right about closing the press
you want to chain it closed
so it will not open while you
are trying to move it

Hi Widmark,
I live in Cleveland and have moved my own equipment and helped a few others. Please contact me [email protected] and perhaps I may be able to offer you some suggestions.