Letterpress/ Foil Stamping Business

Internationally recognized Letterpress Studio is selling our equipment and all supplies. Included is a well maintained 10x15 Heidelberg Red Ball with die cutting jackets. This Heidelberg is also equiped with a new Lutz Foil feeder, heat plate and heat controller, a 8x10 Chandler and Price Old Style purchased new by my family around 1899 and equipped with a 3 year old Baldor motor and controller, a 19” Multigraphic Hydraulic Paper cutter with manual clamp and digital read out. Two knives are included, a nice oak type cabinet. A two door Metal cabinet for storing inks and flamables. ink mixing scales and mixing inks, extra tympans, press wash plunger and many other supplies, including several rolls of new foil for the foil feeder. Asking price for everything is $21,500.00. I do not want to split up and palleting and moving is the responsibility of the purchaser. This is all located in one place and is on the ground floor. If you would like to discuss business naming rights and all of the marketing materials, metal foil/printing and cutting dies on file, plus book of business, I am open to that as well. I am committed to clearing out my pipeline through the end of March, but will be ready to move the equipment out April 1st.

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