Funditor Proofing press info? (UK)


I recently acquired a Funditor Proofing press, with a bed size of 21X29 inches.

I would like to know if anyone knows anything about the company or presses, It says ‘Funditor London’ on it and i have no other info.

Ideally i would like to find someone who has one or a digram of how the rollers work so i can refurbish them and identify what i am missing.

Any info would be appreciated!

image: IMG_0614.jpg


image: IMG_0595.jpg


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It looks like an Eickhoff press, built in Denmark. Or is it a British look-a-like? I can’t make out on the second photo what’s marked on the door. Can we have a detail of that?

Check out this on Jens Jørgen Hansen’s Flickr pages:

image: Eickhoff.jpg


Wow, well done, they look very similar indeed, here is mine from the same angle. Maybe funditor just rebadge them?

thanks i shall read up about the company.

image: Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 19.20.51.png

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 19.20.51.png

heres the door & plate with the logos,

image: IMG_0594 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_0594 - Version 2.jpg

It’s very well possible that Funditor imported them and sold them under their own name. Quite a few of them around in the Netherlands and Denmark. I owned one myself years ago, but on a different base.

I also have a Funditor proofing press, just the basic one, but I thought you might like to see this brochure which features both types.

image: Funditor.png


Another option on the roller situation is to simply not use them at all and instead have a brayer and ink plate to hand-ink your form. There was never any built-in inking system for my Poco Proof Press and I have been happily printing with using this method for forty years!!!!!!!

The upside to this method is that I don;t have all of those rollers to clean up.


I have an Eickhoff 1BS. Have never seen the Funditor before so it’s nice to find out about them. Jens very kindly sent me the manual - PM me if you’d like a copy FunditorProof.

Like Rick, I also hand-ink a lot. If I’m working on a larger edition, I might use the forme rollers, so it’s good to have the option, though you’ll need to add ink at intervals (depending on the forme size), so not as ‘fast’ as using a Vandercook, Korrex, FAG etc.