new Chandler & Price Platen Press

I am about to be the owner of a Chandler and Price Platen Press
new series. I am a beginner and need a seminar or workshop on how to operate the press. I am in Alabama and would like to find something as close as possible. Can anyone help?
Lisa Martin

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Where in Alabama? I have a letterpress shop in Chickamauga, Georgia. Not REAL far from the Alabama state line. You are welcome to see my shop, and if I can help you or give you any ideas that would be great.

Thank you, James. I live in Dothan, Al in the far southeastern corner. You must be in north Georgia. I am waiting for my press to be delivered this week and will probably contact you once I have it here and see what needs to be done.

Hello James, I have finally gotten my press delivered. It looks like it is in pretty good shape other than needing some new rollers. I might be interested in making a trip up to your shop some weekend in the near future. I will be in touch with you.
Thanks, Lisa

James, is your press a Chandler and Price Platen?

Lisa, I have two c&p’s. The one I use the most is the 10x15. The other one is a 12x18, which I just put a new set of rollers on, but as yet, have not used.
I also have two heidelberg windmills, and well as two 12x18 kluges. These are the ones I use most - diecutting, numbering, scoring, etc.

See you.

James Carpenter