Help indentify this Type

We received this font with several others as a donation. It was labeled German Outline. I have searched McGrew, Loy and others to no avail. It looks similar to Greco Bold in McGrew which was said to be Spanish in origin. Can anyone tell me what it is and the origin? It is foundry type with no pin mark. 18 Point. The space on the word old is caused by a roller problem, not because the face has a space in the middle.

image: oldgrizzly.jpg


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I’ll look it up tonight. You’ll find it in the Encyclopedia of Typefaces. It is of German origin I believe which is why you won’t find it in McGrew or Loy.



Your face is Shaded Roman, designed by Karl Michel and issued by the Klingspor Foundry in Germany in 1919.

There was a lowercase for this face as well.


Thanks Rick. I will label the case correctly. We only have caps. Sad.