end grain hardwood for engraving

Re End Grain Hardwood for engraving, Blocks, repro poster type above 72 point (6 line) by hand and pantograph etc. Just came back from our local (amazing) Tool and supplies shop,>>>> within reason, think of it and its 95% sure to be there, hidden maybe, but thats half the fun. I went to buy tool steel for the lathe and billets of aluminium and brass for pulleys and letterpress roller bearers, (trucks) to Uncle Sam!!! Whilst searching, the Main Man, pointed me to a shelf containing an amazing array of baulks of End Grain Hardwood, so on spec I bought a lump of Boxwood allegedly cut 30-40 years with amazing close grain, that gives the impression (no pun intended) that it would take the weight, end on, of a Tank!!! This post aimed at (primarily) like minded buddies here in U.K. Apologies to American Cousins but will happily forward any results Good, Bad or indifferent, even failures, lf you havent made the mistakes already. Three of us here (at least) are Experimenting, probably many more!!!!Yet to come out of the Woodwork (pun probably intended)

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Let me know how you get on - I’m always interested to hear about supplies…

That’s a great find! I have often tried asking for end-grain blocks at timber merchants, hardware shops, etc. with no luck. I’ll look forward to hearing and seeing how you get on with it. Don’t suppose you would care to share your supplier (off list if you like) with us?