move cylinder on press

I am trying to find out if it is possible to remove the cylinder part of a Vandercook # 2 press so I can get it through a doorway at our university. Also, how can I replace the blanket on the cylinder? Thanks Larry

image: vanderview.jpg


image: Vanderserial.JPG


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iwillcreate, you can remove the arm. Its a tapered pin
so you need to pay attention to that. That might give you the clearance, Clarence, best james

It looks like you have the newer version of a No. 2. On the older version you could easily unscrew the spring stops at the end of the rails and remove the cylinder. Perhaps there are similar stops on the new version. Two people ought to be able to handle the removal and reinstallation adequately.

Be sure to mark where the teeth meet on both sides of the cylinder and the rails before you remove the cylinder completely. This will ensure that when you replace the cylinder, the timing will still be correct. You can use a Sharpie marker or something else that won’t rub off during transit.

Paul Moxon’s site is a great resource for Vandy info. You should enter your press in the census, which keeps track of extant Vandercook presses across the country. NA Graphics sells new blankets for the Vandercook press. You’ll want to determine the undercut of the cylinder first — some presses allow for the height of a galley under the type in the press bed.

All the Best.

image: No. 2 old.jpg

No. 2 old.jpg

image: No. 2 new.jpg

No. 2 new.jpg

Looks like your press is already listed in the census as located at West Chester University in Pennsylvania.