Modified Gothic ?

Pretty sure this is part of the Modified Gothic series but I Id’d it via Rob Roy Kelly’s book and he has a sample of Modified Gothic XX Condensed (pg 307). Not looking condensed to me anyone know which version this is (possibly #645 but I have yet to see an image online). I’m missing an Uppercase D so would like to have the knowledge to aid me in my hunt. If YOU have an extra D, do let me know…

image: type.JPG


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Here’s my showing of Hamilton’s No. 647, to compare;[email protected]/3986863494/in/set-721576224942...
Mine is 6-Line and, if yours is the same size, I could check to see what the count is. However; I am not at the location of my collection and won’t be for several weeks.
Dave Greer

I feel like logging in as a different user to ask this question but I just can’t remember what 6 line means as a measurement. Help!

wood type is measured in lines, each line is a pica.