Treadle for C&P Old Series 7x11

Hi, Does anyone have any information on the dimensions of a treadle for this press model? Hern Ironworks doesn’t carry this type, but I’m trying to figure out if one of their other treadles would fit. Thank you!


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30” long
10 11/16” wide at foot end
11 3/16” at rad end
7/8” hole for rod connection
rod is 15 3/8” long, 7/8” diameter


Thanks so much, Mike. I appreciate the info!


Can I ask you two more questions, Mike? Where on the treadle (how far from the rod connection) does the hook connect? Also, how long is the hook?

Thanks again!

An 8” x 12” treadle should fit a 7” x 11” press. I operated one that way for several years. Just make sure the part that attaches to the press will fit in between the sides of the frame.