oil for the vandercook

Not too long ago when I desperately needed special purpose oil for my C.V.A. Milling machine, (English built, but under license from U.S.A. a long time ago) and I needed to find out which Oil and where from, I metaphorically scoured the world inc, USA and eventually, ended up at DUCKHAMS H.Q. based in Holland, dealing with world wide service, for special purpose and retro oils, for virtually everything. Nobody was more helpful, with every conceivable cross reference chart, going back 50-60 yrs. The following is an opinion and not a fact, Some would say that OIL IS OIL and in this case bearing in mind, the performance that is expected, one or two grades up or down would not be critical. If it were a high performance engine, developing heat or a hydraulic machine developing pressure, YES the correct grade would be critical, but whats the Vandercook going to do, many thousands an hour around the clock. “Hardly My dear” one would think!!!! As one of our learned friends might post, (with a variation) “whack some reasonable quality, one grade up or one grade down, oil in, and I quote “GET SOME INK ON YOUR HANDS” I seem to recall?????

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