looking for work?

Our letterpress shop closed. We are not looking for wedding invitations, holiday cards or letterpress ‘art’. Our needs are imprinting business/legal forms, 10 X 15 heavy envelopes, business cards, letterhead, etc., We have moved what we can to offset or digital but due to construction and often small quantities we have several cornerstone products that continue to be ‘best practice’ run on Letterpress.

We will supply all stock, and preprinted items.
Although we have 2 – 3 jobs a week and 2 dozen products (not including varieties of stock colors, formats or layouts) it makes more sense to talk about capabilities and a few prices before slamming you with too much information.

We worked with a one man shop for over 20 years so our customers are accustomed to ‘1950’s pricing’.

What are your ‘crash imprint’ capabilities, what is your maximum sheet size?
Can you imprint gusted products when the printing is between the gussets or expansions?
Our runs are from 100 – 3,000.

Our top priorities are:
Envelopes made from 11 pt. ‘file folder’ stock that are 10 X 15.
Legal File Folders
Legal Forms measuring 8.5 wide to 22 inches long.

What would you charge for:
1). Smead #2-153CR (RED) UPC 17734 quantity (3 boxes of 100 each) & #2- 153CLV (VIOLET) UPC 17434 quantity (3 boxes of 100 each) both (14 5/8” X 18” reinforced tabs, arrive folded down to 14 5/8” X 9”)
These are legal length file folders so there are 4 panels, we only print on 1 panel with plenty of grip space and this job does not call for printing on the tabs.

2). Envelopes made from 11 pt. ‘file folder’ stock that are 10 X 15. ( I would send you set up stock)
300 address box only – (3” x 5” I think)
300 address - one entire side (artwork allows for grip space)
300 address - both sides (artwork allows for grip space)

3). Legal Forms measuring 8.5 wide to 14” long, 3 part, imprint 6 sections, 1 – 6 lines per section.

If your numbers are in the ball park I will bring samples over.

Do you set your own type?
Can you use our wood mounted dies?

Here is an example of a gusseted product we need imprinted. We restrict printing to the center where a flat surface can be achieved with hand feeding.

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