Cursive wood types sets

4 cursive wood type sets for sale in germany.
Set No. 10 – 3.6 cm
Set no. 30 – 2.1 cm (missing W)
Set no. 31 – 1.8 cm
Set no. 32 – 3.6 cm
the sets also have numbers which are not in the pictures.
for more pictures, please email me.

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image: 10Ci_36_96.jpg

image: 10Si_36_114.jpg

image: 30C_21_130.jpg

image: 30s_21_190.jpg

image: 30s_detail.jpg

image: 31C_18_127.jpg

image: 31s_18_198.jpg

image: 32C_36_123.jpg

image: 32s_36_138.jpg