Kelsey Excelsior 3x5 fully operational printing press

Have fun and earn money at the same time!

The famous Kelsey Excelsior 3 x 5 printing press is the perfect press to use to enjoy the age-old art of letterpress printing. Small and lightweight (only 23 pounds) it can sit easily on any table or countertop when in use, or it can easily be stowed on the shelf or floor of a nearby closet when not in use.

Its small size makes it easy for women and children to use. Besides, it’s safe to use since it is small and hand-operated, printing one copy at a time.

It’s also the perfect press to use to earn money by printing business cards, note cards, letterheads, stationery, invitations and other small printed material. Letterpress printing, given up for dead fifty years ago, has now come back to life with renewed vigor in high-end quality specialty printing where discerning customers want it known that their material is letterpress printed and not just simply printed out on a computer printer or by offset or some other non-letterpress printing method. That is why letterpress printing presses - especially smaller ones like the Kelsey Excelsior 3 x 5 which can easily be accommodated even in small apartments - are in such demand today and are commanding ever increasing prices.

The press offered here is complete and operational in every respect. It contains an ink plate, a chase, two rollers, two bails, and two grippers and even comes with a set of gauge pins. It is ready to be inked up and put into operation.

$700 or best offer

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