my first press

Wanted to share my newly purchased press, a Golding Pearl I found on ebay. Works perfectly, just needs new rollers and a treadle. Now comes the fun part of getting out of the truck! : P

image: press_0005.jpg


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Welcome to the fold.

Very nice looking press. Please at the very least, remove the feed and delivery board brackets before unloading. They are very, very fragile and are ridiculously easy to remove. You may find it helpful to join our Pearl restoration forum on Yahoo. An invitation is required to join, so let me know if you are interested.


John is right! All it takes is for one person to just grab a feed table bracket to hold on to, or push/pull the press, and it snaps!

Winfred R.
Black Diamond Press

This looks like that nice “display” example that was being offered in FL for a song…is that the one?
It is gorgeous - good luck!

@john: Unfortunately we did not remove the feed board brackets before we unloaded. However, all went well, we got it off the truck by slowly sliding it down a sheet of plywood supported by 2x6 boards (boy that sucker is heavy!) Would love to join the group. The press is in amazingly good condition, just seems to need a bit of oil in the key locations.

@ emthree: yes, this is the one. thanks! I made sure to ask if it actually worked! : )
it was an interesting, nail-biting couple weeks before I bought it as I was worried someone else would snag it before I could secure the money to get it. I was really surprised no one else bid on it, seeing as how these are quite popular. Must have been the location. The seller was in the printing equipment moving business and had this and a couple other unique old presses on display in the reception area. Said he’s had people offer him $1,000s over the years for it, so I think I got a pretty good deal! Can’t wait to get her back to work!

Glad to hear your unloading was uneventful. I will need your email address to send the invitation to the Pearl owners group. You can email me: [email protected]