Arab Crown Folio Spare Parts

I’m restoring an Arab Crown Folio press and have discovered the right hand roller brass is fractured. The only answer to the problem is to get a new casting and have it machined. I’ve already made a wooden casting pattern.

I wonder if anyone else in the Arab community has a need for a replacement arm and would like to join me in getting some made. Increased numbers bring down unit costs. Depending on numbers, I’d expect the cost to be between £150 and £300 per unit.

….just a thought.

image: Photo on 2013-03-24 at 21.31.jpg

Photo on 2013-03-24 at 21.31.jpg

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might be worth contacting Patrick Roe of The Logan Press UK..many years running/restoration these machines. Maybe he has or needs spares too.

Thanks Jonathan, good idea. I’ll give Patrick a call.

At some stage, I owned two Arabs. I restored one and used the second one to take missing parts off. Somebody was interested in the remains of the second press and managed to restore it as well. He machined the two arms out of solid brass, instead of casting them. A good machinist should be able to do it for you and this might be cheaper than casting.

Good point, Thomas, that’s certainly worth a follow up.

Many thanks


Or if appearance is not crucial to you, have them machined out of steel with brass inserts where wearing surfaces are required - may significantly reduce the price?

Thanks, Freepress, good idea, but I’m a purist and would like to keep as much to original as possible.


Dear Richard,

Another Richard here with a similar problem - I’m missing both of my brasses from a newly acquired Crown Folio. Bizarrely, I have the springs, rollers and trucks, just missing the main component.

Did you end up getting any made, or did you find one elsewhere? Any information would be much appreciated.

Best Regards