Cabinet for the Golding Pearl #3

I have been lucky enough to find a wonderful Golding Pearl #3 press and moved it into my studio today. I see from original diagrams and photos that a three drawer/door cabinet was originally located in the space between the treadle and the platen. Does anyone have information on these cabinets? Perhaps specs for building them or a source for purchasing them? Here is a photo of the press. thanks,

image: IMG_8375 sm.jpg

IMG_8375 sm.jpg

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Congrats! Perhaps you would like to join our Pearl restoration forum on Yahoo. We have over 100 Pearl owners with a lot of helpful information. It requires an invitation so if interested send your email to me off list.

Early No.3’s and all No. 1’s had three drawers, but, most No. 3’s have two as seen in the comparison pic attached. Coincidentally, I had just emailed a talented finish carpenter about making drawers available to the public. I haven’t heard back from him yet, so you may want to stay in touch.


image: basefront1.jpg


Thank you John. I have emailed you! Based on the design of the iron it looks like mine is probably a two-drawer type (two lateral raised support ridges). leafdog