any platemakers in/near richmond, va?

I just realized that I left off some information for a wedding invitation on the plates I just ordered from boxcar. I was hoping to finish printing this weekend…which obviously can’t happen. UNLESS anyone in Charlottesville/Richmond has the ability to make k152 plates and is willing to help me out. It’s not a big plate, and I’d obviously pay a rush fee for this if I can get it tomorrow or monday.

thanks in advance…I realize it’s a long shot.

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I think Jason at Thousand Pound Press has sold his platemaking equipment, but I’m not positive. Do they have one at VCU?

Get in touch with Garrett Queen at the Virginia Art of the Book Center in Charlottesville (where I’m located). I don’t know if there’s a platemaker there, but if anyone knows what’s available in our area, he would: