How muuch to offer for this press?

im trying to get into letterpress and found this adana, i know it will need rollers, and it looks like maybe the gripper fingers are gone. it does however have a decent amount of type with it. just out of curiosity i would like to know what a reasonable offer would be on it.

image: 3I23Mf3N75Lb5I35Ned3jd81d77937fd010c4.jpg


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i know it will need some work too, its pretty gross looking for its relatively young age

looks to be 53 LS1 made 1953 or after. A press that need some work and cleaning is part of the fun. I would say 150.00-300.00 $

it doesn’t look gross, but needs a good cleaning, especially the ink disk. A good wipe of the painted areas and some oil will do the job. It’s a 5 x 3 and I would say 150-250 €.