Paper Cutter ID and part

I got his from a retired printer. Can anyone identify the model or approximate year of manu? Also, the connection between the arm and the blade was previously welded or brazed and pulled apart while using. I can have a machinist make a new one and will try brazing again first, but might anyone have a spare coupler available for sale? There are two photos at[email protected]/.

Thanks, Neil

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That looks like a Pearl cutter made by Golding. I think they made 14” and 19” sizes. Here’s mine:

There should be serial number on the upward-facing area at the front of the surface where you stack the paper. Looks like it was painted so you might have to dig. I inquired about serial numbers once and the Golding records don’t survive. Could be circa 1900 - 1920?

The part you need is a u-joint type of thing. Here is a picture:

It should be fairly easy to make something, but be careful to not have any wiggle in it.

Thanks all - the serial number is 822. Thanks, Neil

I wouldnt mind more pictures of both of these if possible.

Many thanks,