Floor based letterpress

Hi, I’m a Swede and brand new to this world. But somehow, a couple of weeks ago I found something I didn’t know I was looking for, letterpress printing. So now I’m looking to buy a floor model letterpress. I’ve been looking all over Sweden to find one, but since that seems quite impossible, I found this great fourm.
So my dream at the moment is to find a foot driven floor based model. I’ve been looking at Golding Pearl models since they aren’t as heavy as C&P for example, but also Peerless. This because of shipping costs but also I haven’t got much room for a press and what I understand the Pearls are quite smooth in size too.

If anybody know somebody, I’m very interested to buy it. I imagine the easiest would be if the press is located in the UK, because of shipping fees and so forth. I will be handling all the shipping communication, so hopefully there will just be a simple pick up from a shipping company.

Well, I’ll would be very pleased for any hints on how to go further and any tip on which model would be suitable for someone in my position will be much appreciated to! (Or anything else that is good to know for a beginner.)

All the best,
Johan Andreasson, Sweden

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