Pressed Letters - courses with William Amer

If you are totally new to the world of letterpress (or, like me, want a little refresher and some extra tips and trade ‘tricks’)
A visit up to beautiful Rockley for tuition with William Amer is a must!

William fuses both ‘old-school’ techniques with modern day methods to offer very well-rounded courses on all things pressed!

Not only will you come away with working knowledge of the fine art that is letterpress, but a good insight on how to progress and use the techniques you have learned to further your skills and creativity.

His courses are well-structured and well-priced too!
Unparalleled pricing and the one-on-one tuition make them such great value! (maximum of two students per class which to my knowledge is not offered at any other institution! or if it were, the cost would be much much higher).
Not only this, but the hospitality and amazingly scrumptious lunches made by his lovely wife Trish are well worth the visit alone!
I myself have been there twice now and will certainly return again!

Check out his courses at
You will absolutely not be disappointed!

image: Rockley_27_10_09.jpg


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