newspaper press

Is anyone interested in removing and cleaning a hand fed 40” Miehle? It is really dirty and heavy. Width 6’ x 12’ long and about six feet high.

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At ground level? Doorways out? What kind of floor?

The more information you provide give those who rescue machines more information to decide if it’s worth it. It’d be nice to save the machine, but very difficult without knowing the details. It also save you having to repeat the details to lots of people over and over.

For most people details are critical for a project of any size, more so for the larger pieces o cast iron. Location, ease of access, time frame, etc all play into their decision making.

There are some that thrive on the unknown. We are very rare! I am one of those crazy people. As an example. Right now I am bidding on a drill press for my shop. 4’ square base and 8 1/2’ tall, 3200 pounds, normally this model sells for 2 to 3,000 dollars. I am winning it right now for 250. Only info is some poor pics, my guess is that if I win, it will be in some really nasty place. If it was in a easy to move spot it would be going for 2K easy.

The impossible just takes a little longer.

Pictures would help, along with any and all details. Even us crazies like an easy project once in awhile.

Pics will help