Buyer Beware of Wilkes Barre/Mechanicsburg PA - Location

ALERTING anyone who would become interested in anything from this PA location.
The individual initially called me from a Wanted AD, in March.
I offered a Price, I received a Counter Offer.
Now he has them listed here (for less than my offer) , since May. The same items recently on E-Bay. One item was currently won thru a legitimate Auction to the Highest Bidder and seller refuses to make good on auction. The conditions of the Sale were changed after a binding Bid was placed. Item was not listed with a Reserve Bid. The Individual stated “I am not your normal Consumer Seller, I don’t have to follow the rules of E-Bay.”
The individual will continually “counter offer” regardless of what price is posted or agreed upon. Even in conversation with others. (4 months of this)
I would AVOID this seller.

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