i have a lot of woodtypes from italy, which i cant find their names.
i was wondering if there are any online catalogs from itlaian producers?
(none of the types, have a stamp or a logo on the A’s).
since there are more than 100 kinds, posting their photos here is a little difficult.

any help will be appreciated.

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Hi Iris,

I think that your best shot is to get a hold of someone at Tipoteca in Cornuda, Italy. Do a search for it on the web. The man in charge there is Sandro Berra and he speaks English well. Sandro has been to the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, WI several times.

This is an absolutely fabulous printing museum in Northern Italy and I believe that they have an extensive collection of Italian Wood Type catalogs.

You probably will need to send images of your fonts to them, so it will be unavoidable not to start making images of the fonts.