Windmill keeps stopping

Why does my windmill keep stopping? I’m fairly new to the whole windmill set up so I apologize in advance for any ignorant questions or comments. However, I’m currently trying to tackle the feeding part of the windmill process and I can usually go about 20-30 sheets into the pile then the suction trips and the press stops. I know it’s getting air because I can feel it when I stand behind the feed area.
I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the feed table raising accurately. Any clues or hints would be very appreciated. Thanks

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First, make sure that the spring clip on the sucker bar is closed, or more closed than it is now (seeming that the press trips, when you don’t want it to).
There is an adjustment for the sensitivity of the automatic trip. Located (In the general area of) The knob that you use to engage the suction, you will see a chrome screw, sticking out with a chrome locking nut. Loosening the nut and turning the center screw counterclockwise, will make the suction less sensitive.(it isn’t a hex nut, it is round and patterned so that fingers can lock and unlock the screw, as a press adjustment). Be aware, of the temptation to turn the screw out farther than necessary, as it may not trip off when it needs to, if it misses a sheet.

Calvin Crawford


Also make certain that the handwheel below the delivery is firmly tightened down (clockwise when viewed from right side of press) otherwise the feed table will not elevate properly.

Hope this helps.
Jim Benvenuto

I have Windmill setup manuals and parts books that contain trouble shooting problems if you are interested. See my ad in the classifieds for contact info. Thanks.

Also check that the blast bar that supplies air to separate the sheets is set down low enough to separate the sheets. The adjustment is on the right hand side of the feeder at the bottom, (on the left of the impression lever). The little metal knob runs on a sector and easy to click up or down to raise or lower the blast bar.

If you can feel a strong blast of air when standing behind the feed pile, chances are this is the problem. For most 80-100gsm paper stocks, the blast to separate the sheets will be have an obvious impact of the top 15-30 sheets. You will see the sheets separate with each cycle of the press.

To adjust the amount of air required to separate the sheets, adjust the black knob on the back of the air pump cylinder on the back right hand corner of the press.

adjust the pin screw beneath air suction knob on left side clockwise and anti-clockwise to see
the machine will stop.

Hello Chuck,

Are you still having this problem??? When I first got my windmill running it would do the same thing. Trip every thirty or so sheets. What it ended up being was two worn parts! They are part number T1647 “automatic stop lever” page number 92 of the parts manual and part number T1935 “clutch engagement stop” pg number 105.

The engagement stop is part of the hand lever. Over time it wore a ramp in the stop lever that allowed the engagement stop to “slide” a little during each impression. I took the two pieces off and went to a machine shop and had them weld a bit of metal back on each piece and grind it close to what I thought it should look like and all has been good for 10’s of thousands of impressions.

If you do not have a parts book I could send pics.

Any of the earlier suggestions could also cause your problem but this is what happened to my press.

Good Luck and sorry I didn’t sign up earlier!