Vandercook 2 Proof Press

Vandercook #2 Proof Press - Up for grabs

I purchased this press when I was making woodblock prints 12+ years ago. I had a dream of refinishing it and properly setting it up. However that dream has since long passed, but perhaps that’s your dream now. If so, let’s talk.

Pickup or arranged shipping would have to be from Morton, IL 61550.

The ink plate and arms are not pictured as I took them off to refinish and didn’t put them back on. They are in the drawer below. Follow the link below to see some better pictures with the ink plate on.

$900 + you take care of pickup. I’d like to get the space back in the garage for other projects.


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image: IMG_20130722_114207 copy.jpg

IMG_20130722_114207 copy.jpg

image: IMG_20130722_114233 copy.jpg

IMG_20130722_114233 copy.jpg