Peerless Gem Cutter (1909): need help and advice please!

I’m setting one of these monsters up, and I know I’m crazy, but I’m in love with it and I need it for my bookbinding and paper-making practice/business (also working in conjunction with local letterpress).
What i need is some photos or video of some of the ‘underbelly’ and moving parts so i can keep figuring this thing out. Anyone out there have something like this?
I found one you-tube video and a few photos, but that’s it. I’m on a tiny island off the West coast and nobody gets this project at all! I paid $100. Please help support a small upstart bindery! thanks so much, brenna

image: peerlessgem12.jpg


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I have one of these.

I can take closer pictures too. Send you regular email.


hi john, that would be incredible.
[email protected]

thanks! brenna