7 x 11 C & P info

A friend of mine has a 7 x 11 C&P that had been taken apart for cleaning three years ago.
She has asked me to reassemble it. Most of the parts are labeled, so that will help a lot.
I was wondering if any of you have photos or better yet diagrams of the 7 x 11 C&P press.
I do have a parts list for an 8 x 12 but I think it is a little different.
Also if you can give us any pointers regarding reassembly I would appreciate the tips.

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There is very little difference between the two. The diagram for the new style will work although some parts are shaped differently. I have lots of pictures so if you let me know what particular parts you are not sure about, I will dig out a photo or take one.

I have a 7x11” they aren’t too common I hear. If you need specific pictures as you re-assemble, message me with what you need and when I’m at the shop I’ll take photos for you.

Thank you for your offers of help..
We will be heading out on 8/25, about two hours from home to do the “reassembly operation”. So I don’t and will not be able to predict where and what problems we might encounter. We will be bringing tools and everything we can think of that we might need.
Would either of you be available by phone or email that day so that if we get stuck we can reach out for a life line?
Steve Varvaro

I have a 7x11 C&P. Can take photos if you need them.

Steve, photos have been sent to your email.

Good luck!