Dick, please give us a little rattle, nobody hates me anymore and I am getting severe withdrawal symptoms!!!… Just to kick it of, providing I found the correct shot at Your Museum. are you really that young LOOKING , your posts imply that you are far beyond that, or is it a trick of the filming angle. … … … . If you call up *The Counter Press, re Pilcrows* I am the subject but the words are not Mine, (hence Monotype Mick) little poetic license with the stated time span, the Video Clip 30 seconds can still be accessed (I believe).. R.I.P. Mick

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Mick, I am young, i’ll be 65 in three months. You have become very popular lately, i’m glad for you.

Dick, Good Buddy, Thank you obviuosly you are (comparatively) “just a Kid” me 74 and counting… . Should be pushing up the Prairie flowers or the Weeds!!!… . . Genuinely pleased that some of my learning, is going forward!!… . Dick thanks again, and now SERIOUSLY if I can figure the customs angle, I will try to send a little birthday pressie, (it will fit inside a large chickens egg). Out of Hartford Conn. U.S.A. (I assume Conn. is Connecticut?) Patent dates are Oct 22nd. 1895, June 18th.1901, and August 15th 1911. Makers name withheld of course? … Prezzies (if it works) have to be a little surprise? … . Here we have a little saying, *sending Coals to Newcastle* yours may probably be *Sending Cars to Detroit* … . And this may well involve another limey saying *A spratt to catch a Mackerel* I.E. If one of Tolbert Lanstons original letters to the U.S.A. Patents office comes up for auction, the Old Goat in U.K. might love it. Regards Mick.