Emanuele Mensa, Davide Eucalipto, Anna Follo, Gabriele Fumero, Danilo Mondino, Nello Russo, Davide Tomatis 

Archivio Tipografico

Archivio Tipografico is a lively, collaborative space where both new and old generations of printers, typographers, and designers gather to develop artistic and commercial printing projects. Its mission is to preserve and sustain the craft of composition with movable type and high-quality letterpress printing, while also giving these historic practices new life in contemporary work. Its collection boasts around two thousand sets of lead, wood, and resin movable type, a wide variety of fully functional printing presses including platens and flatbeds, typographic tools of every kind, and a large library of type catalogs, books, manuals, and magazines on printing and typography.

image: archiviotipografico.jpg