variable speed pulley problem

Hello everybody,

I really need the help of the wonderful Briar press community! I have finally got my windmill set up… well almost…. but I need to dismantle the motor set up because I’m changing to single phase. The problem is I can’t remove the variable drive pulley and it is driving me crazy. I have managed to remove the outer cap and the large spring. I have also managed to remove the first disc guide (apologies if I’m not using the correct terminology). However this second disc is not budging an inch.
Something to note. It is possible that the drive pulley is slightly damaged. There appears to be a hairline fracture in the shaft leading up to the second disc. It looks superficial but I since I am having trouble removing disc, I thought I should make note of it. The motor was running and looked to be appropriately positioned when I bought the press, and the flywheel ran smoothly when engaged. Also, the tiny crack was only noticeable when I removed the first disc guide. The shaft looks straight and strong and moves freely.
Is there simply a trick I’ve missed?? I don’t want to damage the pulley to get it off….but I am running out of ideas.
I need to get a single phase motor anyway, but if I can’t get the pulley off this one I will also need to source one of those.
If this occurs, can anyone suggest where I could source a new variable speed pulley???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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there should be a hex head set screw ZZ5 in the shaft of the
T6009 cone faced disc, stationary. Loosen this and it should slide off. Whittenburg, Demers ,Letterpress Supplies America or Heidelberg should have any replacement parts.

Oops, just looked at pulley and there are 2 set screws. Sorry

I had the same problem recently.

#1 - You need to wedge the pulley open to reveal two set screws. Once you unscrew these, it might slide off.

#2 - Mine did not slide off. I was unable to locate a pin wrench to take the pulley apart to allow the use of a gear puller.

Instead, I cut two triangles of wood and wedged them between the pulley and motor. I gently tapped them in with a hammer, one at a time. The pulley yielded to the pressure and slid off easily. This is probably not the best method, and it may damage your pulley! Be careful and gentle.

Thank you so much for the advice. The wedge suggestion worked! with a couple of delicate taps it edged off the end of the shaft. So glad I’m not trying to source a new speed pulley now!

i know this is an old post, but can someone attach an image of where the set screws are located?

Hello there, sorry to dig up this old post but i stumbled upon this when trouble shooting for my newly acquired 10×15 windmill,

it seems i am in the same process, but have ran into a road block, i hope you can offer me some advice

i have just ordered a new single phase motor to replace the rold 3 phase one, trying to get the exisitng pulley off the old motor is the problem, i have removed the 2 hex screws in the shaft, but it still wont budge, i have tried wedging a couple of wooden blocks between the motor and pulley and trying to drive it apart with a hammer, i used a bit fo force but still wont budege, just wondering, am i missing a screw somewhere? also does the pulley unit come off in one peice?

thanks in advance, any help is appreciated