Contacts or Advice to Move 2 Chandler Presses basement

Hello Everyone!

Love your forum. I have read for years now want to have my own shop. I did find two Chandler Presses ( 10x15 and 8x12) in the Midwest and would like advice moving them out of a basement. There is 5 concrete steps supposedly up and out, I have not confirmed that yet. The owners think they need disassembled. I am hoping not. They want them possibly moved this weekend. With the price of presses and all not sure if this is all too much.

Since there is two I would have to rent a truck, not a trailer due to weight and it is hours away from me. Any help or suggestions for contacts, equipment or advice. Move is in Chicago area. TY in advance for any and all help. Does anyone have any equipment to go with these by any chance?


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