Finding a business partner

Hey bp’ers! I’ve been running a small letterpress business for custom wedding stationery and wholesale greetings for about two years now. I’ve been doing this on my own, not because I wanted to be the only person, but because I could find no one else interested in partnering. Well, my business pays for itself now, but needs more than just me to make it thrive. I want to find someone that loves this quirky printing method as much as I do. What are your suggestions for finding the right person? And/or what were some of your experiences in sharing a business that I should be aware of?


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If you have a running operation, you might not need a partner, but rather a staffer.

A business partnership is more complicated than a marriage. Make sure you consult a lawyer and get a “pre-nup” that includes who-owns-what and who-gets-what if/when it’s time to part.

To what AnonyMouse wrote - Amen! Only, in a marriage at least you get kissed. Hire someone sharing your interest. :o)