Moving Chandler and Price 10x15


I just purchased a C&P 10x15 and will be moving it from Buffalo, NY to Chicago, IL. I will have a large pickup and if need be, trailer at my disposal.

Can anyone give me some advice on the move? Do I need special movers or will a couple of handymen be enough?


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Moving is easy enough with a pickup and a trailer. Loading is the complicated part. What does the loading situation look like on either side? Basement, stairs, ground level, overhead door, etc.


Have moved a couple of presses in my time……. you will need a come along ( to pull it up the trailer ramp, several lengths of pipe to roll the press on, a floor jack to lift the press just enough to get the pipes under, making sure that you have two two x fours securely bolted to the press feet and a pry bar to give a nudge when needed. Avoid using anything to lift the press other than the floor jack. And keep in mind that they tip over very easily when unbalanced. So lift from the front just enough to get the three pipes under, roll, when a pipe clears the rear of the press, move it back to the front, like the egyptians. When you get to the bottom of the ramp, hook up the come along and continue up the ramp, once centered in the trailer, remove pipes and strap it down with 4 NEW winch straps, don’t buy the cheap ones. Like in this video, ( but keep the pipes under the press until you get it into position on the trailer…….. Get help, go slow, watch your fingers.

ensure whoever is moving has insurance, too many posts about repairing and parting damaged presses here..!

Yes, as someone who has experienced press loss (of a C&P NS 10x15) during moving, please make sure everything is secure and you have enough man-power. Always have some extra hands around. Don’t try to move it with one or two friends, and don’t be in a hurry ever.

Mika’s got it good there. Watch your whole body; 10x15s are heavy. Heehee.

There are several ways, I separated mine into three pieces. I removed the connecting arms with a rope double wrapped around the big shaft under the platen, I lowered it down on to a dolly and removed the 1” shaft and separated the two parts. Next I removed the flywheel. With the unit in three pieces it is much easier to move, it is still very tippy. Before removing the flywheel place a jack under it to lift. Lift a little at a time and block it until it is high enough to fit a dolly under ….be carefull. If there is room you may be able to move it as a single unit as previously mentioned with dolly or pipes. I used a boom style tow truck to lift it in the truck/trailer it cost $50 - $60 but it was well worth it, same to unload. Dave

I would also strongly suggest that you remove the feed board and delivery table. If someone grabs that while moving it, it could break and hurt someone. Also remove
the ink disc and any fountains you may have.
Then close the press and strap it closed. You don’t want
it moving while you are working.