Miller Feeder for 10x15 C&P Platen Press

09.04.2013 UPDATE: SOLD

I would like to replace the Miller feeder on my 10x15 C&P with feed tables. Would like to see this go to someone who can possibly restore it. I don’t think I have the means to restore it. I made several inquiries looking for any kind of printed material on the feeder and finally stumbled across a kind gentleman who had a catalog featuring this feeder and then was later able to get his hands on the manual and parts list. He answered my post here on Briar Press:

Make me an offer (I’m hoping for $150 OBO) or trade. I would prefer a local sale where you can come over, dissemble and take. Not sure how to go about shipping this thing…

Please email me at [email protected] for more information. Thanks!

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