Linotype Model 31, Mats, Liners, Magazines and Spare Parts

I am selling my Linotype one-turn shift model 31, with spare parts, mold liners, type metal and about 50 magazines of mats. Plus a Linotype Pi cabinet with display mats, rule form mats, border slides, piece borders, ornaments and foreign language accents. Enough books to keep you out of trouble. I am including several Linotype and Intertype one-line specimen books, plus the big red book. More…

Also a couple of pocket guides. The Linotype is a model 31 with the one-turn shift, thermo-blo mold cooler and double E attachment. The double E attachment doesn’t work. It needs a couple of missing pieces. This 31 hass a four mold disk with the 18-24 display mold. I am inclusing a good selection of liners for all four molds Type faces include, Garamond No. 3. Times Roman, Bookman Trade Gothic, Futura, Spartan, Helvetica and many more. I have a good assortment of Linotype Typographic refinements for the 10 point Bookman. There are also magazine racks. This is a working machine with spare knives, keyboard rubbers, cams and many miscellaneous parts. I am asking $1.000.00 for all of this and you must move it. It is in a mill building with loading dock access. Some disassembly will be required to make the Lino short enough to go through the doors and there are elevators. How did I come at the price? This is the value to me as scrap metal. Art Joly (603) 645-7694 (603) 644-0389

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