Lino Mats

We have several galleys of lino mats, complete fonts, (not in magazines). 8, 10 and 12 pt in Bodoni, Caslon, etc. Does anyone know if they are of any value as is. We are in New Zealand and are thinking of selling them for scrap but would like to see them get a good home.

Bud Obst
Ferrymead Printing Society

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I have interest, but the shipping to Houston, Texas USA. might be high.

Don’t scrap them, please. I imagine a few machines are still running in New Zealand and many more in Australia and they all need mats. Depending if they are punched for English or American, there may be folks in the US who would be interested.

In many ways, mats in galleys are far easier to deal with then if they were still in magazines. If you can post what may numbers they are (punched on the side of the mats), it would give others in your region an idea of what you have and what it may be worth.

Thanks for the response(s). We will have a rethink. - Bud