Packing or impression?

I have an Adana 8x5 which is printing heavier near the hinge end of the platen. This is noticeable on all weights of paper, but much more pronounced on thicker stocks. I assume that this is either a question of having too much packing, or of needing to adjust the impressions screws. My question is - is there a way to tell which of these two potential problems is the cause?
Many thanks

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Hey Sarah,

Oh the love hate relationship with the adana ;)

Might be worth trying this and seeing if you get a more even spread..

1. Have a “standard” amount of packing under your tympan.
2. Loosen the screws a fair amount
3. Press down as far as you can go directly onto the tympan
4. Hold it there with one hand (might need a second person) and tighten all of the screws at the back as much as you can.

When i try that, it usually will even out the coverage and impression.

If it’s still not a good spread, then try even putting in bond piece of A4 paper behind your tympan and add to the packing.

You may have not see this great video by boxcar press - hopefully this can assist as well.

Sorry if nothing i suggested helped.. How big is the area you’re trying to print? could you maybe change the position of the plate on the boxcar?

Happy Printing.

It is important that both surfacs are mating perfectly. Spend the time and get it right. To adjust the packing to make it right is not good. Make-ready is done for certain purposes, like envlopes or a low area on a plate but it is important that the surfaces are perfect to start with. Dave