Taking out the main rollers from Heidelberg Windmill

Hi, I am new to Heidelberg Windmill. Sorry if this question was asked previously, but I couldn’t find it. I want to change the 2 main rollers on the Heidelberg Windmill, but I have no idea how to do take it out. Even though I have read the manual, i couldn’t understand the instruction at all. I need some guidance here. Thanks.

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Rollers can be removed by:

- stopping the press with the rollers mid-way up the vertical section of rail.
- pulling the knurled retainers on the end of the roller-arms towards the flywheel and turning them away from the end of the spindles so they no longer hold the spindles.
- push or pull the shaft of the roller-arm (near the flywheel) such that the roller trucks lift off the rail and the bottom roller can be pulled out toward the flywheel.

It’s not the easiest thing to do, holding the rollers away from the rails while trying to pull them out… a clamp or a large bulldog clip on the sliding shaft to hold the roller-arm extended can help (use care to not scratch the sliding shaft).

Thanks! Finally managed to take it out. Another problem arises, i couldn’t take the bearing out from the form roller, is too tight, I will break the roller truck if I push it hard.

There should be a bearing-press on the delivery side of the press. It is the vertical steel frame with the large thumbscrew at the top.

See pg. 83 in the manual, which you can download:

image: BearingPress.jpg


I read the manual too. Finally able to take it out with a hard push. Thanks again!