Source for die cutting blade

I’ve found many sources online for companies that make die cutting forms for letterpress, but none that sell the bendable blade material that will allow me to make my own.

Does anyone know of a good online source for this material?

I apologize if there is a source already mentioned on this site, but a quick perusal turned up nothing.

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cut all tools, located in Canton, MA. if you can’t find their number i’ll get it for you, I think they even sell tools to bend and cut the rule.

Just a little addition to Dick,s good info, only extra info *dont send the heavy mob after me* here in the U.K. we have an excellent suppliers for cutting, creasing and perforating rule(s) and all the back up equipment for manufacturing cutting dies.
Obviously impractical from this distance for supplies, but as they are now listed on the Web as Servitroquel-Notting, (original name) and according to their spiel can serve the world!! They may well have Agencies in the States, AND they are still happy to deal with old goats/peasants like me in their factory in London, cash only of course!! . . and the coffee is on the house, even for 25 dollars in sales? Mick

Mick, i’m sending my big goat over there to give you a butt in the butt.

Dick, thank you for the thought, but too late, bin there done that got the *T* shirt etc about 1953 ish!!! grew up on a working/non working farm, at the back of beyond, facilities all rented out for grazing etc, so our adventure area was, Big barn, Cart-lodge, Granary, Stables, Tractor shed, Workshop, (My Dads) and pens turned over for the Goats, seemed a good idea at the time to tease the goats with tit bits, and YES did get butted, ONCE and then got a thrashing for teasing in the first place… HOW/WHY? The only neighbour blew the whistle, as cowardly revenge for I and 2 sisters Scrumping, (Stealing) from her fruit trees.
Dick, thank you for the thought, just a bit late, Mick.

You can order rule from Pace Punches. Their website is a little wonky, so you’ll want to download their PDF catalog.

Perhaps I should have posted this under Letterpress for Beginners. I downloaded the PDF catalog from Pace Punches.
I own some dies I purchased off Ebay, so I understand the concept, but the catalog left me dumbfounded. Even if I chose to call Cut All Tools, I would not have the knowledge to order what I need.
I will be using a new style Chandler Price and I want to try and make a die of a toy train - some detail, but not too much.
What do you experts consider the “norm” when ordering die cutting rule to make your own. Thickness (gauge), edge style, rule width (using standard 3/4 plywood for the form) and what are the rubber strips that go next to the rule called?
I’ve 26 years printing experience, but letterpress is a new hobby for me, so please bear with my novice questions.

bending the steel rule is not that easy, I make simple dies myself but anything that needs bending I have made for me. Cut All Tools are very helpful, just tell them what you are looking to do and they will suggest what you need.

I’ve used Bar-Plate. Everything from the basics to full equipment for a die makers shop.

Their # is 800-356-9940.