Shipping woes

I’ve rarely have ever had problem with USPS but did the other day and thought I’d pass on a useful tidbit that came out of that.

I checked the transaction number on a registered package coming in from Poland and the online data indicated the package was addressed incorrectly and was on its way back to Poland.

So I began the adventure with the internet robots, and the purposeful dysfunctional phone numbers. This was actually about seven hours worth of phone calls. The package had ended up at the wrong post office zip code and rather than send it to the correct one (mine) it was decided to return it to sender. And that was that. Note that it turned out the shipping address was correct, the USPS would just not admit it.

Trick one. There is no human involved when you try and contact customer service but if you hit zero some twenty or so times, believe it or not, a human appears. It will feel like you are the last person alive but are suddenly so relieved the world has not perished after all.

By the end of the first day, I was able to obtain a complaint number. Of course on the second day I had to hit the zero another twenty times to get another human who could address the complaint, and out of pity, turned me over to the CIC.

Trick two. The CIC. The CIC is a consumer watch guard over the USPS. What! we have such a thing! So I called the number, same as before except they provided an alternative number that actually worked. Took the woman just a few minutes to tell me THAT package will be sent to you and you will receive it today.

That actually happened!!!!

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sympathies-chap in Uk has had bright idea to provide website with direct telephone numbers to most major companies to avoid dreaded music/messages/automated systems etc