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Does anyone have a source for parent sheets of coaster board. We need to die-cut a custom shape but are having a hard time finding a supplier. We are looking for the heavy weight, around 80pt board. KatzAmericas and CoasterFactory do not sell sheets.

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Holyoke uses their 140# on their coasters and you can by it in sheet form.

What size do you need? Are you die cutting one up or several? I managed to get some in 6.75” squares ( 60 pt ) but would also prefer parent sheets.

Neenah have blotter board in various sheet sizes and weights starting at 70# and going up to 158#. They sell it as blotter paper. I have no direct experience with it, we just happen to have a swatchbook at work.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Independent Paper Resource has 35 pt. Barley Board, 100% post consumer waste, color is cream/gray (somewhat variable in different lots I have received), 26x40 sheets, at about $2.50 per sheet, also available in 70 pt. They also have a 58 pt. board that is more of a soft white, but not recycled, and costs much more. Contact Kim Dragoo:

Independent Paper Resource
[email protected]
614-519-1747 ph

Matt Kelsey