Old rubber-based ink

I was given many, many boxes of 30+ year old ink, some nice stuff mixed with land-fill cans; old Hostmann-Steinburg letterpress ink, bronze powder & such were keepers. Included were cans of rubber-based Van Son ink, many unopened. Is there a way to ‘rejuvenate’ rubber-based ink? As it ages, it appears to really turn to rubber. Land fill?

Thanks, Dan

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sometimes towards the middle of the can the ink might be ok, once it turns to solid rubber you can’t bring it back.

How long will rubber base survive in the can?
I have a couple cans (plastic jars w/ screw tops actually)
that are getting a little old.
Techs at VanSon suggested something called SmoothLith
I believe.

I’ve had some rubber ink go bad after just a few years while I have other cans that go back to the stone age, some of my ink is over 40 years old. when it gets rubbery I use tack reducer to thin it out but sometimed it don’t work.